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July 24, 2020

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As part of NIOSH’s efforts to keep our stakeholders up to date on the CDC and NIOSH COVID-19 response, below is a summary of new information posted this week.

Industry-Specific Resources

Updated CDC Guidance on the Discontinuation of Isolation for Persons With COVID-19 
CDC recently updated their interim guidance for the Discontinuation of Isolation for Persons With COVID-19 Not in Healthcare Settings. This updated guidance recommends using symptom-based criteria instead of a test-based strategy, except in certain circumstances, to determine when to end home isolation of persons with COVID-19.

Medicolegal Death Investigators Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
CDC has published FAQs for Medicolegal Death Investigators for those who work in medical examiner and coroner offices. These FAQs address a variety of COVID-19-related questions, including what initial information should investigators gather to assess the potential risk for COVID-19, what considerations can guide investigators when planning to conduct on-scene investigations, what personal protective equipment (PPE) should investigators wear when COVID-19 is known or suspected, what actions should investigators take after conducting an on-scene investigation, and what should investigators know about the transportation of the decedent in cases of known or suspected COVID-19.

Upcoming Webinars

July 30, 1:00–2:30 p.m. (EDT): Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 in the Mining Workplace  

A panel of speakers, from NIOSH and other organizations, will discuss CDC guidelines and best practices in mining related to reopening and operating safely. The presentation will include real world examples and lessons learned. Register for this free webinar here.


For More Information 

For more information, please visit the COVID-19 webpage. To stay up to date on new developments, sign up for the COVID-19 newsletter.


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